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      Welcome to Mid-South Bird Rescue. We are a Memphis based organization dedicated to finding forever homes for abused, neglected and unwanted companion parrots.  Our ultimate goal is to rescue and rehabilitate unwanted companion parrots, educate prospective owners and provide sanctuary for the ones that are unable to be adopted out. We hope to provide resources for new and old owners to further educate themselves and build a stronger, positively reinforced relationship with their life long companion parrots.
Mid-South Bird Rescue was founded in October 2010 to provide a local rescue organization to the Mid-South area and as a means to educate the general public about the welfare of companion parrot ownership.
We are also available for educational programs for schools, nursing homes, and other organizations to help promote our rescue and educate the public. If you are interested in hosting an educational program please utilize the "Keep In Touch" form on the side bar.

SharePoco and Patrick, Founder & Director
                                   Poco and Patrick- Founder & Director